Presentation of S.O.S Femmes

S.O.S Femmes is a non profit making and non-governmental women's organisation established in 1988 to offer advice, support and shelter to women and children that are victims of domestic violence, incest and rape. Our mission is to put women back on their feet.

The organisation objectives are to:

  1. Eliminate violence against women by promoting non-violent ways of resolving problems
  2. Empower women to resist violence and break the silence surrounding domestic violence, rape and incest
  3. Lobby for laws and other actions to protect and promote women's rights and non discriminatory practices against women
  4. Promote a zero-tolerance culture against gender-based violence

To achieve these objectives, S.O.S Femmes offers a wide range of free services:

  1. Legal and psychological advice and support to women and children victims-survivors of violence
  2. A shelter to these victims
  3. After-school care, nursery and counselling to children of residents and former residents
  4. Rehabilitation of victims-survivors by helping them find a job, alternative housing and their children in their schooling procedures
  5. Information, education and awareness campaigns on domestic violence and other gender issues
  6. Research on domestic violence and other gender issues

The Staff of the organisation is composed of:

  • Legal Advisor
  • Psychologist
  • Project coordinator
  • Director of the shelter
  • Social Workers
  • Driver
  • Kindergarten teacher
  • Handyman/gardener

S.O.S Femmes organisation chart

S.O.S Femmes organisation chart