Who are the victims and abusers

Even though both men and women can be abused, studies have proved that women and children represent the majority of the victims. Violence occurs at any stage of a relationship. All women, irrespective of social class, ethnicity, age, nationality, religion, culture and education can experience domestic violence. Children are traumatised by the violence in their homes. While some are assaulted physically, all witness constant acts of violence which cause fear, anxiety and great distress. Post-traumatic stress disorder syndrome can last a lifetime!

Domestic violence mostly occurs behind closed doors and in the private sphere of the family, far from the gaze of others. Furthermore, there is no 'typical' abuser. Hence, it is difficult and sometimes even impossible to identify and correctly profile an abuser without victims-survivors providing statements. The most charming, lovely and charming partner in public can, in the home, be violent and abusive.

Women also can be violent, but their actions account for a small percentage of domestic violence. More often, women retaliate to defend and protect themselves.