Our Shelter

In September 1990, S.O.S Femmes opened a proper shelter with financial assistance from international funding agencies, embassies and private donors. Given the nature of our work, we depend entirely on outside financial assistance for running our shelter as we receive no support from the government despite many demands.

When the women come to the shelter most of the time they do not only leave their home but their personal belongings also. Often they are even compelled to resign from their job for their own security. They are scared, helpless and without any resources. These women need help and support to re-build not only their shattered lives but also their self-esteem and self-confidence. The rehabilitation of battered women and children is a long and harsh struggle.

S.O.S Femmes is strongly committed to its mission to 'put women back on their feet' and to give to the victims-survivors and their children all the assistance and support they need .

In March 2007, a woman residing in the United Kingdom graciously donated a house to the association. We received funding from the Decentralised Cooperation Programme of the European Union, the Rotary Club of Grand Bay and other private donors for the renovation and extension of the property.