Our History

On the 3rd of March 1988, a Centre Municipal des Femmes was opened in Beau Bassin whose goal was to advise women having legal, medical and psychological problems. The majority of women who turned up were battered victims-survivors from both urban and rural areas and from all social classes, although the majority were from the working classes.

As time passed by, we were aware of the limitations and effectiveness of our work. Battered women who came to the Centre Municipal des Femmes were either forced out of their homes by their husbands or partners or had to run away for their safety, if not for their lives. They were scared, powerless, destitute and with their children clinging to them. They sought not only legal advice but, above all, support and effective protection from violence. Whilst we were able to advise them, we were utterly helpless to giving them protection and shelter. In fact we kept sending them back to their violent homes! The urgent need for a shelter for battered women prompted us to launch S.O.S Femmes.

For victims-survivors, S.O.S Femmes offers and promotes courage to leave their abusive relationship and encourage them to start a new life free of abuse and constant fear. The organisation has been fighting against domestic violence against women by helping them break the silence and start a new life free of violence and abuse.