Our Campaigns
  • 25th - 10th December 1999, exhibition of national and international posters to illustrate and explain gender-based violence. The exhibition was in the context of the international 'NO' against violence against women campaign. The exhibition was subsequently brought to various urban and rural areas of Mauritius, Rodrigues and Madagascar.
  • In 2002, during the 16 days of international activism against gender-based violence, a nation wide campaign was launched, to convince men that they should support the movement for non-violent families. 33,000 letters were sent to men in Mauritius and Rodrigues. The white ribbon campaign was also launched, in collaboration with the drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre.
  • In 2009 during the 16 Days of Activism against gender based violence, a media campaign was organised with the collaboration of the local press and radios. The theme of the regional campaign in collaboration with GBV Prevention Network was Happy and Health Relationships are violent free! Posters were published in the local press and radio programmes were organised on domestic violence. Talks were also organised.