How to help us?

S.O.S Femmes has successfully 'broken the silence' around Domestic violence. An increasing number of battered women now speak out and seek help, advice and shelter. The struggle on the political and ideological fronts is also progressing. However, domestic violence still remains the major scourge within too many families and society. It maims and kills.

We cannot but continue the work. To protect and save women's and children's lives, we need support and long-term funding. Any help is the most welcome and for those desiring to make donations please contact us.

Every donation ensures that the fight against domestic violence will be ongoing and also that victims-survivors who want to leave their abusive relations can find a safe haven. We value your donation and support.

Any person desiring to help us in our work, please fill in the donors form provided or contact us. Thank you for your help.

Contact details:
S.O.S Femmes,
Address: Middle Road, Belle Etoile Coromandel
Telephone number: + 230 233 33 91
Fax number: + 230 233 35 65
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