• 8th March 1991, submission of a dossier, containing seven demands to protect women's human rights, to the Minister of Women's Affairs. The first demand was for a law to protect battered women and their children
  • 8th March 1995, composition of SOS Femmes anthem, sung on the tune 'reve nu ancetre' of Cassiya

1996 to 2001

  • In the night of the 7th to 8th March 1996, women pasted the poster 'vrai zom pa bat fam' (real men do not beat women) all over the island if Mauritius and Rodrigues.
  • 8th March 1997, S.O.S Femmes with the help of Henri Favory's theatre group, produced a play entitled 'Nu Traverse' based on the 'herstories' of victim-survivors. The play was staged all over the island and in Johannesburg and Madagascar
  • In 1997, after six years of campaigning and lobbying, parliament passed the Protection from Domestic Violence Act. Victim-survivors can now apply for protection orders
  • 1st August 1998, opening of women's library 'Espace de lecture et d'échange'
  • 8th of March 1998, organisation of seminar on 'Gender Awareness'
  • 25th November 1998, organisation of conference on 'Men and violence: cultural, social, patriarchal and psychological aspects- what must be done?'
  • 8th March 1999, organisation of seminar on women and sexuality
  • November 2000, participated in a regional conference attended by women from organisations of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries to discuss about the need to set up a regional network to lobby on gender issues, particularly violence against women and children
  • November 2001, The Protection from Domestic Violence Act 1997, translated in French, Creole and Hindi, was printed in the form of leaflets and widely distributed


  • 25 November 2003, organisation of conference on the links between the main religions, women and domestic violence (open to men and women)
  • 1st December 2004, Conference on HIV/AIDS and domestic violence
  • 8th March 2005, film show 'Matrubhoomi' (A world without women) by Manish Jha. The film was also played for schools and trade unions
  • 11th March 2006, organisation of workshop on rape and sexual violence against women and the girl-child.
  • 8th March 2007, film show 'Provoked'.


  • 8th March 2008, participation in conference 'Quel féminisme pour Maurice' to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Simone de Beauvoir.


  • 25th July and 1st August 2009, conference on 'La Représentation de la femme dans les domaines culturels: littérature, médias et chansons mauriciennes'
  • 14th and 15th November 2009, exhibition of paintings and drawings of children and women residents of SOS Femmes in the context of a sensitisation campaign on domestic violence in collaboration with the Church of Mont Roches
  • 25th November 2009, forum on 'How to Empower Women Victims-Survivors of Domestic Violence' in collaboration with Women in Networking
  • 10th December 2009 meeting and sharing on HIV/AIDS and Domestic Violence with the inhabitants of Abercombrie, Sainte Croix and Batterie Cassée in collaboration with the US Embassy
  • Launching of a press campaign on domestic violence in the context of the 16 Days Activism against gender-based violence.
  • Talks with community based organisations and NGOs


  • 20th February Official inauguration of Soda's Haven new shelter of SOS Femmes